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The Latest Dental Technology in Our Office

Interested in learning more about the high-tech dentistry options available to you? Dr. Bryan Judd wants to make sure every patient receives the top quality dental care that they deserve. Read below for more information on the technology we use in our office.

roseville-dentist-technology-new Oral ID is a special wave-length light that, when viewed through special glasses, shows oral tissue changes.  This is the latest, state-of-the art oral cancer screening equipment.


kavo-small KaVo DIAGNOdent  is a laser light to detect cavities. It reads the grooves of teeth for abnormalities after they are cleaned where the naked eye and digital x-rays would not be able to see.

lbr-smallThe Laser is a tool that we have used for many years and it serves us daily.  We use the laser to disinfect around teeth, deep into the tissues as well as trimming the gums to create a more balanced, beautiful smile.  We can use the energy from the laser to penetrate deep into canker sores and other outbreaks in the mouth and help shorten the healing time.  The laser is an  amazing, versatile tool.


loups-small“Loups” provide the ability to see five times greater and on a larger scale. This allows quality of work to improve because the teeth are much larger in viewing.

wand-small The Wand – Some of the highest stress time of an appointment occurs when patients know they are to receive an injection. We use a computer-aided system which administers slow, even, and controlled injection, called “Wanda” in our office. Many of our patients have commented how amazing and painless this system is!

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